Growing Together. Rooted in the Community.
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About KWN

Meet Kenosha Women’s Network

Who We Are

Kenosha Women’s Network is a nonprofit organization which actively promotes the advancement of its members individually and as a whole. Since 1980, KWN has provided networking support to our diverse membership. Most members are women who want to do business with other women. Many are in the business, professional and political community. Some are home-based entrepreneurs or in education or retail.

Kenosha Women’s Network Board of Directors


Board Officers

Vice President Roseann Shales, President Christine King, Secretary Alicia Fosbinder, Treasurer Katie Hulse.


Membership/Hospitality – Amy Vos, Rebecca Leffler

Communications – Joanna Carlberg

Events – Annie Stanczak

Past President Immediate – Joanne Horner